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Natasha Stairmand

Natasha Stairmand

Natasha's commitment to people is critical in her Business Management role.  She firmly believes that establishing solid relationships is imperative in this industry and works by this mantra every day.


While Natasha is now a real estate whizz, she previously worked as an Account Executive at an advertising agency. This has given her solid management skills and the ability to work hard to understand what a client's individual needs are.


From here, she worked as a Property Manager for several years before establishing the Harcourts Shire Living agency capitalising on her people-focused nature. 


Natasha is service-orientated and is dedicated to finding the right solutions for Harcourts Shire Living clients.


In her Business Management role, she helps ensure that the business' finer details are cared for.  From sales and buying activity to dedicated property management services, you can be sure that Natasha is on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.


With a commitment to providing people with her time and attention, Natasha ensures that clients are heard and her strong background means she's equipped with the necessary skills to provide smart solutions.


Natasha Stairmand

Business Manager

159 Oak Road